A letter from a recent workshop participant

It feels really good when I know that the work I do has helped someone to realize aspects of their vision of success. I recently received the following email from a woman who attended the “Create Your Ideal Life” workshop that I co-facilitated with Megan Tyson King of Making Travel Happen on Feb. 8 and I wanted to share it because  there is a lot of hope in it and it makes me feel very grateful.

“Good  afternoon Nicole. I wanted to thank you so much for inviting me to the create your ideal life workshop. It really helped me to put together my plan of action and implement my goals. As I mentioned at the workshop, I had been wanting to organize my life and specifically my house for a long time. It has been my New Year’s resolution for the past few years but I was stuck and could not find a clear path forward. After going to your workshop, I put things into action to tackle my mental block. Creating my vision board and the other exercises released something in me.

Als VB

R. Hunter’s vision board

allisons junk

The junk they hauled away!

Als room bed

my new bedroom


my daughters new room

my daughters new room












I implemented the techniques I learned, which included asking for help when I needed it. I was able to turn my clutter into organization. I faced my fears of failure and being overwhelmed and I came up with a plan to bring about my vision. I hired a company to help me haul away junk and I stayed focused on the desires I wrote on my vision board. I  knew I had wanted to make changes for years. Your workshop helped me to find the way to a better me. I am loving my home and so happy now. I am looking forward to the next workshop where I learn other useful techniques to continue to turn my vision into a reality. Thank you again.

See pics attached of my vision board, the junk they hauled away, and our newly pained and cleared bedrooms!”  –R. Hunter

Thanks for letting me share,


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