Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

My amazing birthday adventure to explore some of Mexico’s beautiful cenotes, beaches, and archeological sites on the Yucatan Peninsula! Of course, I can’t leave out food and other forms of fun in the sun, not to mention cavorting with dolphins!!

Snorkeling Cenotes at Dos Ojos Park, Part I

In part 2 vid (above) you see Cenote Dos Ojos. In part 3 (below) we visit a magical oasis in the middle of the Yucatan jungle!

Dive 1 out of 3 The Pit at Parque Dos Ojos, Quintana Roo
Dive 2 out of 3 The Bat Cave Line at Parque Dos Ojos
Dive 3 out of 3 The Barbie Line at Parque Dos Ojos

The day after my birthday we went to the Tulum Archeological Zone. It was an excruciatingly hot and muggy day and the sun beat down on us mercilessly most of the time. I was so happy when grey clouds formed and a light rain cooled us off even if it was only for a few mins. The ruins themselves were really something to see and I enjoyed learning about the Mayan civilization and the Mayans, who by the way, still exist.

Tulum Archeological site

On our last full day in Quintana Roo we wanted to check out the cenotes right across the street from our hotel including Cenote Azul. It was recommended that we take a cab and we did and I’m glad to say that we thought to ask the driver which cenotes he recommended. He did not recommend Azul or the park across the street. He said they were small and overcrowded (which makes sense because they are popular with tourists). He instead recommended Ecopark Kantun Chi which was just as close because of the one-way highway in front of the hotel. It was a magical place! My only regret is that we had not found it sooner because I would have loved to have gone there every day! Check out my vids below of this lush oasis containing five cenotes!

Exploring the lush oasis of Kantun-Chi (pt. 1)
Recon Mission to 4th Cenote (Zacil-Ha) at Kantun-Chi

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