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What is the relationship between prosperity and living your Vision of Success?

Many believe that a lack of money can hinder you from manifesting your goals but can being financially successful also hinder you from living your true purpose? Consider the difficulty in leaving a job in which you make a lot of money to pursue a vision which may not “make you rich.”

Your relationship to money, your beliefs about prosperity and abundance, and how these things intersect with your Vision of Success is one of the many internal dynamics that you must sort out in the course of living your vision. By “sort out” I mean increase your awareness of then shed any beliefs that are limiting.

Like any relationship, your relationship with money can exhibit varying degrees of health through your behavior.

For example, how can you manifest a dream that entails having great wealth if deep down you see wanting/having money as somehow negative i.e. evil or dirty?

Likewise an ego-driven focus solely on making money may lead you astray from your authentic self and true purpose.  Greed may help you to ignore your core values such as compassion and altruism. 

Journal Exercise: What are my beliefs and attitudes about money?   To explore how beliefs about money may be impacting how you are living (or not living) your Vision of Success write your answers to the following questions?

1) What messages were you told by your parents/family about having money? (Was money valued, vilified, shunned or chased after and put above all else?)

2) Growing up, compared to those around you in your community, were you considered poor, average, or rich?

3) How has your childhood economic standing shaped your attitudes and earning or spending habits today? (Perhaps you are afraid to have money so you spend extravagantly and stay in debt. Or maybe you are afraid to ever go without so you consume and hoard money/things.)

4) Now ask yourself how any of the above may be affecting your ability to realize your visions. (Are your fears or paradigms around money keeping you and your vision small? Is a drive to be “rich” or comfortable keeping you in a well paying job that you hate because you aren’t living your true purpose?

Next Step: The next step is to rid yourself of any self-limiting beliefs so you can exhibit your true personality and manifest your greatness.

Easier said than done? Yes but remember the vision quest is a journey.

A few resources you may find helpful as you explor how your attitudes about money relate to how you are living your vision are:

My girl Suze Ormon’s.

The Courage to be Rich: Creating a Life of Material and Spiritual Abundance 

Women & Money: Owning the Power to Control Your Destiny

The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom: Practical and Spiritual Steps So You Can Stop Worrying

and by Olivia Mellan Money Harmony: Resolving money conflicts in your life and relationships






If you are a woman (21+) I invite you to submit your story for possible inclusion in a book on the state of  women living their Visions of Success.

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