Who’s on Your Team?

Who is on Your Team?

I was meeting with Ananda Leeke and Marie Isabell Laurion; two of the women in what I call my Vision Circle the other day and we were discussing ways to support other women business owners and entrepreneurs. Ananda mentioned some of the women who are on her “team” and we got to talking about paying attention to who supports us and who we support. This got me to thinking about who is on my team. Whose businesses do I choose to support and who supports me in mine? I think it’s important to examine who we have on our team. What values do they hold, what aspect of us and our vision do they support? Do I have the right people on my team with the right energy, the energy that is aligned with my values and my vision? Who we pick for our team is important because they support us on the road of living our vision. 

So let’s look at my Team roster…

My Team


I’m a pretty visual person so I made a sketch of who’s on my team. I drew a circle with me in the middle and drew lines and other bubbles around me with the different aspects of my life written in the middle, then I put the names and positions of the team members around these circles. By the way, they are not all women…that’s not what matters. What matters is who we choose to have on our team and why. One thing I discovered from this little exercise was that I have a pretty extensive team! My other discovery was how good I feel about the people and entities on my team. I have a lot of support!

Try This: Make a pictorial representation of who is on your team. After you do this take a look and assess the extent to which your team members support your Vision of Success. You may find you need more players or that you have the wrong folks on the team and they need to be cut and replaced. Maybe you will find you have a bigger source of support than you thought. 

So who’s on your team? Drop me a line and share your discoveries!

Much Continued Support, Success and Well Being!


Important P.S. the sketch above represents only a partial listing of my team! 

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