Preparing for Battle when Slaying the Dragon…

Sometimes when it is really time to slay the dragon you have to go inside the cave or dojo to prepare.

High Priestess by Wayne Rodney

What are the sorts of things you do in there? Maybe you get quiet and centered, maybe you clean house literally and figuratively, maybe you pray and meditate. But other times maybe in the midst of all this you also have to call in your superheros, your gurus or masters.  Today this is what I am having to do. I have to get with a wise master or mistress sometimes to prepare for the work ahead. (Yes, by the way, the dragon is really just the work we have to do in the course of attending the spiritual school we call “life”) I may say my “dragon” is this challenge or that challenge but the other challenge takes place on a spiritual plane that means so much more than any “cause” of my fear. Yes the dragon may also be called Fear, sometimes masquerading as procrastination. The dragon also calls you to look at certain things, to confront truths about who you are and how you feel. You have to look at the dragon before you can defeat her or him (if you prefer). I’m starting to think that the dragon has a thousand faces.

And this would be why I need to call on wiser heads. I talk about and rely quite heavily on my team. I need to have some heavy hitters who will challenge me on things and help to break me out of old habits into a newer, always better way. So this is where I find myself as I prepare for the arrival of my superhero today. Excited, anxious, a little bit afraid and filled with energy.

Who do you go to when you need to pull out the big guns? Do you have a team to support you as you are living your vision? Where might you need to shore up that team or change members? What is it time to do?

All of these questions and more will I be asking myself as I step inside the temple.

If you get a chance I’d love to hear about what you do when it’s time to slay the dragon. Leave a comment or drop by the Vision Quest Retreats Facebook page to share your experience.

Image: High Priestess by Wayne Rodney

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