Preparing to Slay the Dragon: Preparation in the Cave

When it is really time to slay the dragon you may have to go inside the cave, temple or dojo to prepare. Since I’ve been in the cave over the past few days I have been paying attention to what I am doing and what I need to be doing…

On Monday I had to call in one of my superheros healer, Ken Yamaguchi-Clark to

by Stevee Postman in the Cosmic Tribe Tarot

help me get clear on some things.  The lessons and insights were many over the time that we sat and worked together but more than that perhaps I had a breakthrough so full of gifts, intelligence, guidance and comfort. I was given clear direction.  I’m still processing and absorbing it as I continue into my week.

But, today I am popping my head up out of the cave to have an Online Facebook  chat with Jocelyn Gordon, Ecstatic Embodiment Expert & Hoopnotica Director of Teacher Training.

Join us tonight…

Location Online: Vision Quest Retreats Facebook page

*The First 10 fans of Vision Quest Retreats to join the discussion will be entered to win 15% Off their Double Occupancy registration to the Hoopnotica®
Thanksgiving Hoop & Surf Retreat at Bamboo Yoga Play, Dominical, COSTA RICA
* Saturday, November 19, 2011 – Saturday, November 26, 2011

About Jocelyn Gordon: Jocelyn’s gift is in moving women through resistance and into the life of their dreams. With 30 plus years as a student, practitioner and teacher of the

Jocelyn Gordon

healing arts, she offers transformational coaching and movement experiences that inspire women out of procrastination, lackluster list making, less than successful goal achievement and into the passionate and embodied life of their highest dreams.
Bhakti Boogie® and HoopYogi™ are Jocelyn’s signature movement experiences which incorporate intuitive yoga postures, conscious dance and dance vinyasas, sound vibration and body centered coaching. You can see Jocelyn as a lead choreographer and instructor in the Marisa Tomei HoopBody DVD. Sign up for Jocelyn’s newsletter to receive tips on experiencing Ecstatic Embodiment and info on her upcoming retreats in Northern California, Costa Rica and Bali. &

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