An Interview with Social Media Butterfly

A lot of people have been asking me questions about the newest member of the Vision Quest Retreats tribe; Social Media Butterfly. They want to know who she is, what she does and where she hangs out so I caught up with her in cyberspace to catch a quick interview…

NC: So Social Media Butterfly thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me. I just want to ask you a few questions.

SMB: I’m busy but never too busy to chat in cyberspace, besides I have a habit of being a lot of places at once.

NC: Is that how you came up with your motto; “Who says you can’t be everywhere at once?”

SMB: Yup!

NC: So who are you? I mean what do you do, what’s you mission? You know what I mean.

SMB: (laughing) I’m basically a digital sprite and my mission is to enlighten and enliven those upon whom I land through my use of social media.

NC: So you flit around in cyberspace spreading your pollen?

SMB: Yes you antabuse could say that. I like to use a touch of humor to connect people, shout out worthy causes and people who are living their visions.

NC: Aside from humor what’s in your pollen?

SMB: I guess you could say ideas, information, inspiration and love too. I try to give support and help people use social media in a positive way.

NC: That brings me to my next question. When you say “help people use social media in a positive way” is that your job? I mean how do you make a living? I imagine even sprites have to eat.

SMB: True! When I’m not playing I do a little social media consulting mainly with small businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s a part of the coaching I offer to small business owners.

NC: What do you do for fun? I see you are “on the scene” a fair amount.

SMB: Well yes that’s part of my job too. I pop up at events and gatherings to report on the goings on there.  Like our trip to Atlanta the other day for the wellness conference. I take gabapentin pics and share what’s going on in different places, because people can’t be everywhere at once but I can.

NC: Where will you be next?

Sporting a SMB T-shirt

SMB: I’ll be at the Vision Quest Retreats/Blogalicious event August 11 in Potomac, MD; Unleash Your Social Media Butterfly. Stacey Ferguson will be there too presenting “5 WAYS TO INCREASE CLIENTS, GENERATE REVENUE AND ENHANCE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE” It’s a pool party and fundraiser to send a deserving woman to Blogalicious 2012 in Las Vegas this Fall.

NC: One last question SMB; the boots, the wings, the little outfit…are you a super hero?

SMB: (laughs) Let’s say an aspiring super heroine.

To learn more about Social Media Butterfly or get one of her t-shirts visit Social Media Butterfly’s album or contact me Nicole Cutts, Founder of Vision Quest Retreats. 202.669.5777 or visit SMB on Facebook!
Illustration of Social Media Butterfly by Wayne Rodney


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